ALBUQUERQUE  – On Friday, July 28, 2017, this male seen on video surveillance at the Bubbles Car Wash located at 1221 San Pedro Dr SE, pried the bill changer, causing several thousand dollars’ worth of damage. The male is thin build, who appears to be wearing a black knit hat, green long sleeve shirt, black pants, and approaches the business from the south. He appears to be walking with a very pronounced limp. Eventually he steps into the first wash bay to the north of the office building, and produces a crowbar from down his left pants leg. He is wearing a yellow glove on his right hand and a black glove on his left hand. The male pries at the machine and reaches inside the hole into the building. Investigators have exhausted all leads and are asking anyone with information on this incident or the identity of this individual to contact Crime Stoppers at (505) 843-7867.