January 7th to January 14th, 2010


On December 18, 2009, at approximately 2330 hours, a white Chevy sedan was westbound on Central stopped at the red traffic light at 12th Street.  A SUV came up along-side the Chevy sedan and stopped.  Words were exchanged between the driver of the SUV and the front seat occupants of the Chevy sedan.  The driver of the SUV pulled out a handgun and began firing at the front seat occupants of the Chevy sedan.  Julian Washington, the front seat passenger was killed, and the driver of the Chevy sedan was wounded.  The SUV then sped away, westbound on Central.
Police are looking for a newer model SUV, possible white, beige, or light brown.  The SUV has black rims with low profile tires and after-market dark tail light covers.  The driver was only described as a young Hispanic male