Stay Anonymous

We Don’t Want Your Name – Just Your Information!!!

When you call (505) 843-STOP or use the P3 Mobile app, day or night, we never ask your name.

The (505) 843-STOP phone line is not recorded nor is it connected to any Caller ID device.

When you call or submit a tip using the P3 Mobile app, you will be assigned a CODE NUMBER. Be sure to keep this code number in a safe place, where no one else will find it. We will take your information and forward it to the correct law enforcement investigator. To find out if an arrest has been made in your case, call us back in a few weeks, using the code number to identify yourself.

If an arrest has been made, you will be eligible for a cash reward. Your cash reward will be paid to you in a safe location, again, without us knowing your name or what you look like.

So call (505) 843-STOP (843-7867) or download the P3 Mobile app, if you have information about a crime or criminal and earn a cash reward of up to $1,000!